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Archbishop Vanags: The economic crisis will not be overcome only through business endeavors.
posted: 2009.03.10 10:04 write to the editor 

Lasma Grundule who represents the news agency LETA reports about the meeting of the Latvian Christian confessions' leaders with President Valdis Zatlers.

The economic crisis will be rather difficult to overcome by means of business endeavors; it is paramount to consider the spiritual background in society. Thus spoke the archbishop of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church after meeting with President Valdis Zatlers on March 3, 2009.

Archbishop Vanags also indicated that the reasons for the economical crisis do not stem only from business activities, but also from values in society. Therefore, it is very important not to omit moral values in society when considering economics. At the same time, according to Vanags, help must be provided for families and children. This support will provide the linking bond between society and state.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop Cardinal Jānis Pujats told LETA that moral values can be preserved by seeking God, and that the Church constantly invites people to attend religious services. According to Pujats, it is essential that the laws issued by the Parliament should not contradict the Ten Commandments which would lead the nation in the wrong direction.

At the present, the powers of the state and the Church are at a "tacit confrontation" estimates the Catholic Archbishop.

For his part, Archbishop Vanags stressed that ecclesiastical personel should not meddle in politics, but the dialogue between the powers of the state and people with Christian values could be more productive. Systematical co - operation between the two could provide the needed opportunity.

As already was reported, the leaders of the Christian confessions had requested a meeting with the President in order to discuss the importance of moral values in society during the present economic situation in the country.

Translation: Zaija Malda Kēlere 
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