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Message of Archbishop Janis Vanags in Christmas 2011 (348)
Each day comes with new news, which are even not new. We are used to the fact, that when listening to the news in the morning or opening newspapers, a wave of unsafety rolls over us. What will the new day bring? What will happen in a month? In a year?
 posted: 2011.12.30 10:05
ELCL Archbishop in his 18th November speech reminds people of the land, state and Christ (324)
The sermon delivered by the ELCL Archbishop Janis Vanags on the 93rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, Ecumenical worship service at Riga Cathedral 18th November, 2011.
 posted: 2011.12.29 16:29
Baltic Lutheran bishops call for unity among Lutherans and spiritual renewal (431)
The leaders of the Lutheran Churches of Baltic countries met in Tallinn on the 3rd and 4th of November, 2009 to strengthen...
Archbishop Vanags: The economic crisis will not be overcome only through business endeavors. (2636)
Lasma Grundule who represents the news agency LETA reports about the meeting of the Latvian Christian confessions' leaders...
A Day of Celebration in the Sundayschool Department of ELCL (1561)
The month of January was specially important for the Sundayschool branch of the ELCL. More than 200 guests attended the me...
Latvian Missionaries in Uganda (10)
On 13th January 2009, a group of Latvian Christian missionaries left for Africa where it is planned to run a conference fo...
Christmas Mystery „Greetings, O Favoured One” at Christian Youth Centre (8)
It was enough with one YES for Love to enter the world. With one YES the world was redeemed. Thanks to one word and obedie...
Special Music Event in Riga Cathedral (30)
On November 18, in honour of the 90th anniversary since the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Latvia, a very...
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