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On October 13 at noon in the Riga Dom the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (ELCL) will consecrate two new bishops, Einārs Alpe and Pāvils Brūvers, who will begin their service in the newly created dioceses of Daugavpils and Liepāja. The largest of the dioceses, Rīgas archdiocese, will be under the supervision of the ELCL archbishop, Jānis Vanags, who will also continue to be the Church’s overseeing bishop.

:: Fredrik 2007.10.17 22:13 Which bishops actually participated in the consecration of the two new bishops, and who is who on the pictures in the gallery?
:: source 2007.10.20 15:26 Pic.57 from left to right:
Andrew Mbugo Elisa, b. of Yambio, Sudan;
Mindaugas Sabutis, b. of Vilnius, Lithuania;
Elmars Ernsts Rozitis, archb. of Latv.Luth.C.abroad;
David Stancliffe, b. of Salisbury, England;
Pavils Bruvers, the new b. of Liepaja, Latvia;
Olavi Rimpilainen, b.emer of Oulu, Finland;
Janis Vanags archb. of Riga, Latvia;
Andres Põder archb. of Tallin, Estonia;
Einars Alpe the new b. of Daugavpils, Latvia;
Eriks Mesters archb.emer of Riga, Latvia,
David Bueltman, pres of..
:: source 2007.10.20 15:20 president of Central Illinois district, LC Missouri Synod, USA
:: Mt. Rev'd Karl J. Barwin, Th.D. 2007.12.22 23:51 + Ember Day
Advent Sunday III Saturday
22 December 2007

May our gracious and loving Heavenly Father shower His abundant blessings upon you and your efforts to support and nourish His Body in Latvia!

Our prayers are with you!

+ Karl
:: Robert Radford 2011.10.21 16:20

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Africa christian man in Latvia,i came to Latvia in 2007 as refugee.When i came here to seek for the refugee the state border guard put me in detention unlawful for more than 2 years without future.The high court released me from the detention in ending of 2009 so i was free from detention.They state border guard pushed me outside without home,without documents,without money,without education,without support from anywhere.I was outside with the cold season and they arres..
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