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posted: 2009.01.22 14:15 write to the editor 

On 13th January 2009, a group of Latvian Christian missionaries left for Africa where it is planned to run a conference for 250 pastors and leaders of congregations from neighbouring countries, spend two weeks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a week in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, helping the local people.

A group of nine people from different Christian denominations of Latvia take part in the 5-week-long mission. Three of the missionaries, including the leader of the mission Artis Druvietis, are pastors of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. The missionaries plan to take part in the conference Africamp, afterwards working for a week organising East and West Africa Leadership conference for 250 pastors and congregation leaders from Uganda and its neighbouring countries. Afterwards, they are going to be on a 2-week-long mission together with the local bishop Gerald Kwitegereza in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The last week of the mission will be spent in the district of Kampala, which is the capital of Uganda, ministering practically for the local poor people.

In January 2008, the director of St. Gregor’s School of Christian Ministry Artis Druvietis and student Aija Dzene went on a mission to Uganda to explore the needs of people there. During their visit they cooperated with the local bishop Gerald Kwitegereza who also gave lectures and ministered in Latvia last year.

The leader of the initiative group of the mission, the director of St. Gregor’s School of Christian Ministry Artis Druvietis says: “Last year while in Uganda we left a small contribution to help the local people. The money was used, firstly, to provide shelter for widows with children. Without help they would have had to live on the streets. Next, the money was used for school fees because in Uganda people have to pay for schooling their children. Last but not least, the money was used for purchasing salt, flour, potatoes, corn and other day-to-day goods. We invite you to take part in the mission project financially. You can give hope and opportunity to those who do not dare to think about tomorrow because their lives are darkened by sorrow, poverty and violence. Please pray for us and the success of the mission.”

Please remember in your prayers the mission in Uganda and the missionaries. Moreover, if it is possible for you, please support the mission financially by transferring the money to the bank account of St. Gregor’s School Association:

AS Hansabanka SWIFT HABALV22 IBAN LV43HABA0551019679573

with a notation to „Mission in Uganda”.

It is possible to follow the events of the mission in Uganda on the following websites: and .

St. Gregor's School of Christian Ministry was founded in 1995 with the vision to develop and train the laity to be able to reach out to the unchurched in Latvia and to nonbelievers in other areas of the world. St. Gregor’s is the only in-residence training centre for laity in Latvia. To find out more about the school use their homepage:

Translation: Liga Treija

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