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Christmas Mystery „Greetings, O Favoured One” at Christian Youth Centre
posted: 2008.12.19 15:48 write to the editor 

It was enough with one YES for Love to enter the world. With one YES the world was redeemed. Thanks to one word and obedience the door to heaven is open for us. Through one word, we go on. Through God’s Mother God addresses us too: „Greetings to you, the redeemed one!” There is nothing else left for us but follow her example and say ‘Yes!’

Organised by the ELCL Youth Department and Sunday School Department,
the Christmas mystery „Greetings, O Favoured One” (Luke 1:28) will be presented on 25-27 December at the Christian Youth Centre in Old Riga, Marstalu Street 10.


December 25 at 14:00 and 18:00

December 26 at 12:00

December 27 at 18:00

More about the Christian Youth Centre

Young people form an important part of the population of Riga. Many of them live in the capital, others are staying while studying here or while in pursuit of their dreams.

People were introduced to the ELCL Youth Centre on 17th and 18th October, 2008 when in honour of its opening there was a special event – a Christian play „Anthem to Love”. Before the performance, the leader of the Youth Centre pastor Krists Kalnins presented the idea of the newly founded centre.

Rev.K.Kalnins about the centre: “We introduced people to the idea of the ELCL Youth Centre in an informal way on 17-18th October with a very special and extraordinary project - theatrical and musical performance “Anthem to Love”. The performance reflects our main idea that we are going to talk about spiritual issues and the Christian worldview in an unconventional way and language."

Rev. K.Kalnins acknowledges that there will also be many other tasks and objectives for the newly founded Youth Centre. In general, it is intended to provide an open and youth-friendly environment for the young people of Riga and Latvia.

“It is important for everyone where they live, study, spend their free time and meet with friends and like-minded fellows. It is important for people to feel they fit in. Even the youth who do not cherish Christian values cannot find many places in Riga where to spend their free time and meet with their friends. For the Christian youth it is almost impossible to find such a place outside the Church. All the Christian denominations have thought about these issues and we are now ready to offer an alternative solution - the newly founded Christian Youth Centre.

The Centre has already organised several worthwhile activities like interesting guest lectures and seminars, for example, a seminar for youth leaders “How to Use Movies in Youth Work” by Rev. Dr. Robert Castro and lector Jim Valentine (USA).

Rev.R. Castro and Jim Valentine conducted also a seminar on “Neo-Paganism and Occultism in Mass Culture and Movies” on 19th November at the Luther Academy. The lectors emphasized the idea that every movie has its message and people have to be aware of it not to be brainwashed or otherwise negatively influenced.

In addition to the activities of the Youth Centre, the gospel choir was formed on 12th November. Everybody is welcome to become a member of the choir, even those who cannot sing because it is also possible to play a musical instrument in the gospel choir. Rev.Krists Kalnins says that the gospel choir is a part of their mission and evangelization project. It is intended for the choir to take part in gospel music worships and other evangelization events.

Translation: Liga Treija

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