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Auxiliary Institutions

Luther Academy

The Luther Academy was established by the ELCL in 1997 to be the primary institution for the education of its pastors and teachers and church musicians. In addition, the Luther Academy provides lectures and seminars for the clergy and for the laity of the church on a broad variety of biblical, theological and practical questions.

The programs of the Luther Academy include 

1) pastoral education program; 
2) church work education program; 
3) church musician program; 
4) the "Maza Akadēmija" (Little Academy) in both the fall and spring on a variety of topics for all interested persons; 
5) continuing education for teachers, evangelists, and clergy. 

The Luther Academy is located at Doma laukums 1, Riga, LV-1050. The rector of the Luther Academy is William C.Weinrich, D.Theol.

Website: www.lutaka.lv

Diaconical Center

The Diaconical Center was founded in 1994 to assist the ELCL in its work of human care and charity. The Center is responsible for the development and implementation of the social welfare projects of the church and for the training of leaders and volunteers of diaconical work. 

To be more effective in assisting the needy, the Center cooperates with both governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions. The Diaconical Center also assists congregation in their social care outreach and helps to operate soup kitchens, christian hot-lines, support centers for children and families, and other similar projects for the strengthening and support of human life. The Director of the Diaconical Center is Inta Putniņa.

Website: www.diakonija.lv

St Gregors School for Christian ministry

St Gregors Institute was established in Saldus in 1995 for the training of lay workers in the church. Its programs were intended to inform and to enhance the practical work of lay persons in the church.

At the present time St Gregors Institute is specializing in the training of persons for evangelism and mission work. The training program is one year in duration. Although St Gregors Institute is a Lutheran school for evangelism, missions and practical work, persons of other Christian communions are welcome. The Director of St. Gregors Institute is pastor Artis Druvietis.

Website: www.gregors.lv


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